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South African Library for the Blind Book Reviews for April

Title: Imtiaz Sooliman and the Gift of the Givers: A Mercy to All

Author: Shafiq Morton

Format: Coming soon in Audio

Review: The award winning  photo-journalist and radio presenter gives us an inside look at the man behind South Africa’s largest disaster organization Gift of the Givers that has helped many people worldwide. Imtiaz Sooliman is a medical doctor practising in Pietermaritzburg. The author tells a story of a man from humble beginnings who has dedicated his life to helping others. A reader gets a glimpse of the many international missions that organization has been involved in working tirelessly in bringing relief too many victims across colour and religion.


Title: Books ‘n Bricks at Manyano School

Author: Sindiwe Magona

Format: Coming soon in Audio

Review: https// “The story of Manyano School provides a clear indication, a signpost to a potentially more stable, egalitarian and healthy future. It is a fictionalised account only in that the tale of the transformation of a school in a desperately poor and gangster ridden township is narrated in the words of an 11-year-old school student. The life, times and attitude of Salmina Arends, in whatever language, will be instantly identifiable, especially to children living in the often squalid sprawl of townships on the Cape Flats. But her descriptions of her life and school will ring true to millions of children in similar deprived circumstances anywhere. And there is a glossary of specifically South African and Afrikaans words such as vrot (rotten) at the back of the book for those unfamiliar with the few used here…Told through the words of Salmina, the story is true in all but minor details; it is the compression of many years of hard and often frustrating work by the dedicated principal and staff of Zerilda Park Primary School in Cape Town’s Lavender Hill township and the neighbouring Vrygrond (Free Ground) informal settlement. The school, like so many others, was a slum within a slum…”


Title: Winnie the Pooh

Author: A.A. Milne

Format: Coming soon in Audio and Braille

Review: A children’s classic collection of the world’s favourite bear Winnie the Pooh. The collection is full of adventures that are sure to keep the children entertained.


Title: The Man in the Moon

Author: William Joyce

Format: Coming soon in Audio and Braille

Review: A first children’s title in the series called the guardians of childhood.“There are guardians of children everywhere that strive to keep kids safe from harm. Of these, the first was MiM, The Man in the Moon. Born to a loving family with a guardian named Nightlight to keep him safe from bad dreams, MiM’s untainted sleep attracts the unwanted attention of Pitch, the King of Nightmares. When MiM’s family and brave Nightlight perish in an attack, MiM lives out the rest of the days inside his family’s ship (our own moon). Once grown, he determines to protect the children of nearby Earth and calls upon folks like Santa Claus, Mother Goose and the Tooth Fairy to join him in this goal. Joyce’s prowess as an illustrator is undeniable, and this may well be his most ambitious, marvelous-looking title to date…”

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